Visualize your messages

    quickly and clearly


    -Workshop made for Norway-



  • How to engage your audience

    This video shows you the way for a better communication skill.

  • Learn how to -DRAW and TELL-
    at the same time

    Supporting a message with visual clues will help to achieve a clear and memorable speech

    You need to talk

    the thing you can already

    You can talk and explain but... ​do people follow as you wish? Do they understand? Do they remember the message?
    Not always...

    You need to draw

    The thing you need to do

    If you draw simple figures, some lines and some important words AT THE SAME TIME that you talk, you create expectation, attract attention, people will follow and understand much better. Bonus, they will easily remember. Guaranteed. -Workshops offer down bellow!- Take a look!

  • Why draw?

    Humans are visual creatures. Half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information and doing so in a very fast way!.


    Lots of information is conveyed to us as simple drawings called signs, pictographs, icons, ideograms, you name it..... look around and you'll find them everywhere!
    They help us navigate on the streets, roads and computers. They are easy to spot and great at attracting our attention. Why?

    Because visual messages are universal, quick and easy to understand.



    if you want your message to be

    engaging, clear, memorable and effective

    - DRAW IT! 
    ("-But I can't draw!"- Are you sure about that? keep reading at the end of the website.)


    Improve your analytical skills and learn how to draw the essence of things in an easy way.


    Improve the clarity and efficiency of your explanations.

    Customized to your very needs

    Perfect for seminars, meetings and team-building!

    • This workshop will teach you how to create a more effective presentation by supporting your message with your own drawings, signs and icons.​
    • You'll learn the figures, effects and forms necessary to explain different topics. You'll create your own visual vocabulary. By doing so, you will also learn how to structure your visual message and make your text concise. 
    • You'll achieve a successful and clear presentation, easy to follow and understand. Your audience will be focused and engaged.

    In the workshop we will analyze types of visual presentations and investigate the best way to get your message across clearly with the use of drawings.
    Individual and collective exercises to enable you to draw while talking

    An introduction to the digital tools that can be used to draw in front of an audience.


    For who? Great for managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, presenters, coaches, parents.... well, for anyone who has something to say.


    Recommended workshop duration :
    3 hours for 6 000 nok.
    5 hours for 10 000


    For more detailed information on the course, contact us. :)



    Another way to connect with people

    Use an engaging and funny way to communicate with others


    • This workshop will teach you to find the essence of things and draw them in a simplified way. You will learn how to draw your family, friends, and hobbies.. and more!.
    • You will be able through funny drawing exercises to get to know each other and be confident in your drawing skills.

    People laugh a lot while drawing and sharing their drawings. This allows people to open up and connect with other people in a new way.

    For who? Any group of people who needs an ice breaker activity to connect and get to know better.
    (new team, new colleages, teambuilding day...)


    Could we call this visual mingling? Probably ;)

    Recommended workshop duration:
    2 hours for 3000

    3 hours for 5000 nk



    For more detailed information on the course, contact us. :)




    Personal help and coaching

    Together we create your own visual dictionary


    • Coaching we find together what do you want to express and find the visuals for it. We discuss methods, softwares and devices that can be used ant put it in practice. 
    • You will be able create a visual message with ease and use it for your presentations. 

    Because we all have our own preferences, this personal coaching time is for you to learn about what you need the most. From communication styles to drawing confidence or types of visual presentations...


     For who? Great for managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, presenters, coaches, parents.... well, for anyone who has something to say.


    One person

    750 nk per hour.
    small group max. 3
    1600 nk per hour.



    For more detailed information on the course, contact us. :)



  • But I can't draw! ( Really, I can't!)

    Although you could... a long time ago.

    What happened?


    You could draw in preschool - Yes you could! All the time. No constraints, no fear... with joy!

    But then as you transitioned into adulthood, you stopped drawing. Lots of us stopped drawing. The reasons are many and complex, the result - appalling! Very few grown ups draw, and the rest are too scared to even try.
    What if I told you that you can draw again? You'll find your style, you will do it with joy and you'll be able to implement your new found skill in your everyday life?

    How can I draw again?

    grab a pen!

    You can use your hands and a pen, so, let's say that you have the ability to draw already!

    Now, the hard bit is to draw what your mind is thinking. This is the skill that must be recovered and improved.
    With easy and fun workshops, we're going to find the way. Find the essence of things and draw them using simple, basic forms. That's enough. You'll decide later if you want to keep improving and become the next Michelangelo.

    What's the use?

    -I'm not pretending to be an artist.-

    You are not a writer, but you do write for your job and for practical purposes. No need to create a fantastic poem everyday on a Post-it to make your shopping list.
    Likewise, you don't need to be an artist to integrate drawings here and there to improve the clarity of your messages.
    People looooove to see a drawing being made! They will follow you in the process with such focus that they will hear your message! They will!

    Consider that for two seconds... (consider, consider).

    Oh yeah -That would be amazing.
    Check out the courses again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Contact

    workshops can be adapted to your needs.
    Get in touch and we organized the perfect workshop for you!

  • The team

    Who's behind all this?

    Ester Milano

    The teacher

    When drawing made my life easier

    This is a selfish adventure.
    I've been in way too many bad meetings, presentations and seminars that were just a waste of time.


    When someone has a good idea, an inspiring message but destroys it with dry, boring, long PowerPoints or an unclear oral presentation - that is a disaster for both the audience and the presenter.

    I've been working as a teacher in different countries and because (or...thanks to) the language barrier, I often rely on drawings to get my message across.
    It is magical. Students are curious and engaged.
    I explain things to them... they listen to me.
    I teach, they learn.

    What about you?

    Ester Milano (yes, the same)

    The artist

    When drawing made my life creative

    This is what I've been doing all my life.

    I was always the girl in the class who could draw.

    The one everybody in the family asked for a drawing/painting.

    And then... this is what I graduated in: Fine Arts in Spain (I haven't told you yet, but I'm Spanish).

    I have a Masters in painting/drawing.

    And now, I'm a teacher and an illustrator... my hands are stained with ink constantly and I steal my kids pencils and erasers saying:

    Mom has to work!
    Creativity is my best friend, I always rely on it to make a change, to improvise and to find new ways to achieve my goals.


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    June 11, 2018
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